Below you will find out more about training and support - particularly in the areas of ministry, mission and evangelism. Clicking the titles will take you to more information. If you know of any training opportunities that others may benefit from please let us know. Thanks.

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Mrs. Barbara Easton
Vice Presidential Address 2021

Rev Richard Teal - President of the Methodist Conference 2020-2021

Rev. Richard Teal preaching at the Methodist Conference

Climate Change - The Facts

Lear more about climate change and what we can do

What is the CEA?

The purpose is to inform people about Jesus Christ and Christianity.   It is our hope that men and women will take steps of faith and become ever-closer followers of Jesus Christ as a result of what they discover. It is our prayer that having an active faith will improve their lives. The Christian Enquiry Agency responds to enquirers by giving them what they ask for, and only what they ask for. Typically, people might ask to be sent part of the Bible that tells the story of Jesus (a Gospel).  They might request our hundreds of supporters to pray about something, ask a question about Christianity or seek a local church where they can explore issues of faith.

Fresh Expressions is a new way of being church...


Fresh Expressions seeks to transform communities and individuals through championing, resourcing and multiplying new ways of being church. We work with Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions and the movement has resulted in thousands of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches.

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