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Joanne is a Presbyter with a mission and evangelism specialism.  She is keen to encourage people to notice where God is at work in their daily lives.  She is a passionate communicator, and offers creativity and innovation into the teams she is part of.  Joanne is the Chair of the Christian Enquires Agency ( ), and serves the Southlands Methodist Church at the University of Roehampton.  Most recently, Joanne has undertaken a beginner’s photography course, and has rediscovered both a love of learning, and the impact of powerful imagery to host conversation and debate.  Joanne is married to Australian-born Jayson, and they have two children who are discovering the world one adventure at a time. 

(Joanne is circuit superintendent and minister at Brewood, Codsall and Coven)



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Teddy has served as a minister of the word and sacrament for 23 years in the United Church of Zambia. He is married to Muulo and they have three boys. He is enthusiastic about what Christ has done in his life and this gives the urge to share the good news with a clear sense of the world as the context for Ministry. He is looking forward to new experiences in ministry in the Wolverhampton circuit. Teddy is a fan of Chelsea FC and loves spending time with family and friends, listening and singing Gospel, watching action movies, EPL, cricket and listening to sky news... ask him the latest news and he will keenly tell you...!

(Teddy is minister at East Park, Springdale, Stratton Street and Wombourne)



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Linda is originally from Cardiff and moved to London to train as a teacher.   She met her husband John, who originates from Australia, and they lived in London until their recent move to Wolverhampton.  Linda was an area manager for a group of restaurants in South West London and then a Practice Manager in an NHS GP Surgery before training for diaconal ministry at The Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham.  Linda is passionate about sharing the gospel through hospitality and community.  She is excited about her new appointment as a deacon based in the city centre, and in discovering what God is calling us to do. 

(Linda ministers within the Wolverhampton City Centre)


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William joined the Wolverhampton Circuit in September 2018 with 23 years experience of ministry in Ghana as the Director of Christian Education, and in the UK, as Chaplain to the Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship and also having pastoral responsibilities for two congregations in the New River Circuit. William has a passion for children/youth work, mission and evangelism, church growth and allowing the Holy Spirit to use our gifts for the edification of the church. William is married to Vashti, and they have four children: William, Margaret, Roosevelt and George.

(William is minister at Bilston, Bradley and Stowlawn



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Rev. Paul Nzacahayo joins the Wolverhampton Circuit with 30 years’ experience of ministry in various places both in Rwanda and UK. This experience continues to be enriched by his commitment to cross-cultural and pastoral ministry.

As well as having pastoral responsibilities for Beckminster and Cranmer Methodist Churches, Paul teaches at the Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Education. Paul is excited about being part of the Wolverhampton Circuit; he writes: ‘It is an honour and a privilege to have been invited to serve God and his people in the circuit. The conversations I had with members of the church and those on Circuit Leadership Team convinced me that I am joining an active and mission inspired ministry’. 


(Paul is minister at Beckminster & Cranmer)


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Sam moved to Wolverhampton from Sussex. Born and bred in South Africa, she has lived in Malawi, London, Buckinghamshire, Sark and Guernsey. Sam trained as a special needs teacher in the post-compulsory sector, and loved the challenge and delight that the role gave. The journey so far has been varied and interesting and She looks forward to what God has planned for this chapter. Sam longs to see conversations about God in the public square as part of our everyday lives. For Sam, being part of the church isn’t just about Sundays, it’s about the whole of life.

(Samantha is minister at Fallings Park, Fordhouses & St. Andrew's)



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Steve originates from Darlington in the North East. He joined the team in 2016. Steve worked as a youth worker in central London before going on to train at Cliff College in Derbyshire and then later at Wesley College in Bristol. He spent 5 years as minister in Wallasey on the Wirral and then 16 years in the Gornal & Sedgley Circuit. Steve is passionate to see the church taking risk and trying new things. He is married to Kate and they have two children, and an adopted cat called Jess!

(Steve is minister at Hurst Hill, St. John's, Upper Ettingshall & Wednesfield)


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Nicola is originally from Thurso in north Scotland but moved to Wolverhampton in 2007. She has a BA hons degree in schools, youth, community work and applied theology. She started working for Wolverhampton pioneer ministries in 2012 as a youth outreach worker. In June 2017, Nocola started her new role as WPM team leader and lay pioneer minister. She loves how in this role she is able to explore different ways to engage with young adults as they explore life with Jesus, and build relationships with young people in need within the city. She's been married to Andy, a local music teacher and Wolves supporter, for 5 years, which makes her a Wolves fan by default! Nicola loves chocolate, arts and crafts, watching movies and finding any excuse to bake.

(Nicola is the leader of WPM - Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries)


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Glennys is a Yorkshire woman, with a deep love of the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors.  She read theology at Leeds University, and then worked in circuits in different parts of England, including Wolverhampton. Glennys married Roland, also a minister, and have two daughters and two grandchildren. They shared a partnership in ministry that stimulated and broadened their understanding of the gospel and ministry. He died in 2009 after a prolonged and difficult illness. Glennys tries to exercise a pastorally centred ministry, and seeks to respond to the challenge of communicating the Gospel in a way that is relevant and meaningful in today’s world.

(Glennys is minister at Rakegate)


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Contact through the circuit office

Susie has been a Christian since 2001 and was a member of a baptist church in Walsall for several years, before moving to Sedgley and joining St. Andrew's URC /Methodist Church. She spent 18 years working on the railway and has also been a Youth Worker and a DJ. Hobbies include painting, tap dancing and science. Susie has a degree in Environmental Science, a subject which she is very passionate about. She believes God's love and mercy is available to anyone and that all can have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. She is enjoying her studies as the Queen's Foundation in Birmingham.