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Below are some resources that may be of help to those who preach and lead worship. If you have found something helpful please let us know so we can add to the site and others can benefit. Many thanks. 

Book - 'Mastering Contemporary Preaching' (Bill Hybels, Stuart Briscoe, Haddon Robinson)

Music App -  (for Apple, Android or Windows) - ISINGWORSHIP

Songs - Singing the Faith Plus

Music Videos - Hillsong

Wesley - Wesley Centre Online

Exegesis - Notes on Lectionary Readings

Spirituality - Spirituality Menu

Lectionary based Worship Resources - Roots

Weekly Resources for Local Arrangement Services - The Vine

Bible Month - Resources and Ideas


Words Out - Stories - Readings - Poems - ideal for a carol service

Nativity Sound Story - tell the story using sounds

Songs and Reflections by Martin Rider

After 1 Corinthians 13 -  (Hallelujah! Christmas! by Judith Merrell, Wendy Dyer and Honor Harris)

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