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Many people feel called to lead worship but not to preach. The Methodist Church welcomes those who feel called to this ministry and services are often shared with worship leaders. Whereas local preachers are normally appointed across the whole circuit, worship leaders tend to lead worship within their own local church. 

The Methodist Church has recently produced a new training course for worship leaders (and local preachers) Speak to your minister if you would like to know more about it. 

If you feel that God may be calling you to become a worship leader then take a look at the leaflet CALLED TO LEAD WORSHIP which may help you to know what to do next. 

Worship Leaders are invited to meet with the local preachers twice a year to share in fellowship and training. Details for forthcoming meetings will be advertised on the 'MEETINGS' page



Local Preachers lead many acts of worship each week in Methodist Churches around the world. They are made up of people of different ages and backgrounds. Local Preachers bring a whole variety of experiences into an act of worship.  We give thanks to God for them. 

Becoming a local preacher begins with a sense of call from God. This call may be sensed within, or it may be that others recognise that call in another person. Some people are surprised that God may be calling them - but it really is ordinary everyday people whom God calls to preach. That call is then tested and a process of training begins. If you would like to know more, the CALLED TO PREACH leaflet may be of help. Alternatively have a word with your minister or another local preacher. 

In addition to the initial training, and regular preaching and leading of worship, local preachers meet for fellowship and support 4 times a year. The MEETINGS section gives further details.


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