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The Methodist Church dates back to the 18th Century. John Wesley was an Anglican clergyman who had a passion to make the gospel understandable and accessible to ordinary people. His 'Methodical' way of doing things eventually led to the formation of the Methodist Church shortly after his death.


John's brother, Charles, was a prolific hymn writer who wrote many of the great hymns that are still sung in many churches today. 

In the early days there were many different branches of the Methodist Church; including 'The Wesleyans' 'The Primitives' and 'Methodist New Connexion' These, and others came together in 1932 to form what is now known as 'The Methodist Church.'

Groups of local churches (formerly known as societies) were joined together into 'Circuits' - which in turn became part of wider 'Districts' which in turn is part of the 'Connexion' which remains the national body of the church.

The Wolverhampton Circuit, as it is today, was formed in 2008 when three local circuits came together; namely, Bilston, Darlington Street and Trinity. 

You can find out more about Methodist history on the METHODIST HERITAGE site.

My chains fell off, my heart was free,
I rose went forth and followed thee.
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