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Janet's story...

Born into a family steeped in Methodism I was surrounded! I am not saying my family were saintly, but they were very loyal to the church and its teachings. I accepted Methodism as a child accepts love, and as I grew up I wanted to be a missionary, for I was fascinated by the stories missionaries told on Overseas Missions Sundays. 


I had thought to teach, but then felt strongly called by God in my mid-teens to follow a medical career. I could always be a doctor overseas, I thought. Against considerable odds and resistance from my school, I went to London University and Medical School. There I stayed in Chester House from almost its opening and met up with many other Methodists from all backgrounds and career pursuits. 

I had a successful medical career as a Paediatrician in this country despite a 5 year gap for family, but I never did get to be a missionary, although in retirement I have been to many countries overseas. This is largely in a teaching and examining capacity. 

Now in older age I again had more time to give to the church, trained as a worship leader and then felt called to preach. Just like my call to medicine, it came out of the blue and I am delighted that my call was true to God's will for me. I am not the oldest to be commissioned as a local preacher so I will do my best to serve God as long as I can. 

Janet Anderson

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