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Harold's story...

I joined the Methodist Sunday school in Bilston in 1947 aged 10 and became a Church member in 1953. Also in 1953 the minister and Marian Musselwhite set up a youth group under the Methodist new movement which was the Youth Missionary Association and we met on Sunday evenings in the manse. We renamed Y.M.A as ‘your marriages arranged; because, any folk met their partner through the youth group, I met my Iris that way.

Marian who was a local preacher encouraged us to form preaching teams and we had appointments on the circuit plan, we also went out into neighbouring Circuits to take services.

From those preaching teams a good number of folk became Methodist ministers and local preachers.


At a District Y.M.A conference, which were held each year in different parts of the District, I heard the call to preach and was given a note to preach and then did my on trial period and exams. In those days you had to study four subjects which were' Worship and Preaching', 'Old Testament',' New Testament' and 'Christian Doctrine' which you did by correspondence course followed by written supervised exams. I came on to full plan in 1959 in the old Bilston circuit.

Sadly due to macular degeneration I can no longer preach which has been a great disappointment to me.

Harold Dale

(Note from Ed. The Wolverhampton Circuit are so grateful for the many years of service given by Harold. His preaching ministry has been greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing to work with Harold in other ways. The Lord bless you Harold in all you continue to do in His name!)

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