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Circuit Choir


Although not meeting at present because of COVID, the Wolverhampton Circuit Choir usually meets at Springdale Church in Warstones Road Penn at 7.30pm. every 2 weeks, on alternate Mondays and Tuesdays. Complicated you may say! But there is a reason for this.


Our members come from several churches in the Circuit, and span a good range of ages. Some of our members can attend on a Monday evening, and some on Tuesday  hence the practice days are split to accommodate all of our members. Practice days and dates are always given out for 3 months in advance and so people are able to plan.


Why do we sing! We sing to spread the gospel of Jesus in music. And we sing wherever we are invited to sing within the Circuit. Mainly we endeavour to give our support to Circuit Services, and other major events, but we do organise events of our own, such as Christmas Concerts, and in 2018 we sang at Afternoon Tea at St. John’s Methodist which was a real joy.


No auditions are required to join the choir; we are first and foremost a fellowship. We share time together, enjoy some refreshment, support each other, and generally share in Christian Fellowship. You need to enjoy singing, but if you ‘can’ sing it is a bonus. I believe that the vast majority of people are able to sing, and the time we spend together is uplifting and genuine.


We would love to see new members join us.

Helen (01902 476030)

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