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(Black Country Urban Industrial Mission)

Chaplaincy - Because People Matter

BCUIM is a team of chaplains, from a number of Christian churches, offering support to businesses and their employees through regular visits to workplaces in the Black Country.  

It's part of our role as we seek to connect the church with the economy of the area. In communities of rich diversity, we are there for people of all faiths and none.  We are both lay and ordained ministers who offer a listening ear, hearing of people’s hopes and aspirations as well as their concerns and uncertainties.  We are ready to bring perspectives based on the values of God’s kingdom into the world of work.  High amongst them are the dignity, worth and value of each and every person: people matter.

We aim to form good relationships with all in the workplace: you get to know us before you need us.

The working world is continuously changing, but the Black Country still has a higher proportion of people employed in advanced manufacturing than any other area of the country. Much of the heavy industry of the past may have gone, but work has a vital place in the lives of the people of the area.

Drawing alongside people in their work expresses our faith that God is to be found in the creativity and the interactions of the workplace. Faith helps many people lead fulfilled and meaningful lives. That’s what guides us as we seek to contribute to the sustainability and development of the area. We see hope for the future, and encourage people to play their part in realising it.


Our chaplains currently visit around 36 locations, including fire stations.  We welcome contacts from workplaces that would be interested in having a chaplain, and from volunteers who feel that God may be calling them to this ministry.  BCUIM will select, train, introduce, connect and support new chaplains.



Tel. 01902 710407

Follow us on Twitter @bcuim

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